Youth is the backbone of any nation. Development and growth for nation rests on youth. A dynamic, vibrant, energetic, intelligent, goal oriented, clear forward focused youth alone can take any nation to its peak development. Contemporary youth power of the society needs to be guided about the fashion of living: the blissful way, by awakening the spiritual powerhouse latent within every individual, thereby giving a real hue to the mundane existence. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, emphasizes that to suffuse success in each and every aspect of life, balance is a must between spiritualistic and materialistic subsistence. Absence of anyone of these would cripple down the equilibrium and hurl youth into abysmal frustration and depression, and indeed, a substantial amount of this can be sighted intermittently in nooks and corners. Maharaj Ji, steadfast not to witness society laden with such an unwanted and unpleasant crisis, has commenced myriad workshops for youth to counter this rampant imbalance.

WAY: Workshops to Awaken Youth, is a systematic, scientific and focused approach to teach mind the fashion of blissful living. There is a truism that the quality of our life is determined by the state of our mind. If the mind is at ease we are able to perform all our duties whether household, professional or social with ease too. The question is how we keep the mind happy, when it keeps flitting between regrets about the past and worries about the future.

There is a built-in mechanism to calm the mind in each person, but seldom one is taught how to use it. And this is what an individual learns from the WAY program.

The centerpiece of this program is Brahm Gyan, an innovative technique to arouse Pineal Gland through the process of transference of spiritual power. Brain is the seat of mind and it has got to do everything about our wholesome being. For every rhythm of mind, there is a corresponding rhythm in the brain. Just as emotions affect the patterns of brain waves, the mental and behavioral patterns can be changed by altering the rhythm of our brain. A remarkable feature of the course is that participants are able to rediscover the present moment, not as a concept but as a direct experience.


  • Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind and soul/spirit
  • Skills for handling negative emotions, and situations
  • Practical wisdom for improving work, and relationships
  • Insight into one’s own mind, and emotions
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Ability to manage negative emotions
  • Improved self-esteem & confidence
  • Greater creativity